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PolyMax 1.75mm 750g


High quality 3D Filaments

PolyMax PLA is 3D printing material with excellent mechanical properties and printing quality.PolyMax PLA has an impact resistance significantly higher than regular PLA, and better overall mechanical properties than ABS




Extremely Tough

Featuring increased impact strength of up to times that of regular PLA and 20% better than ABS PolyMax PLA is a sure winner when it comes to toughness


Have you finished a large part,Only to find that the part has warped to a point that it looks nothing like the original model? With PloyMax PLA you can print any part any size without the worry of warping,No heated bed or enclosed printing chamber required

ABS? NO More

With PolyMax PLA you can now get rid of that potentially hazardous ABS and still achieve the same structral strength,with better printer compatibility and safer experience with odour free printing


Out patented Jam-Free technology dramatically improves the heat stability of PLA filaments by raising the softening temperature ensuring a worry free printing experience


Brighten up your models with a choice of ten vibrant true colours,You are bound o find the right one for you

Uncompromised Quality

With our eight step Quality control process and rigorous in-house testing,you can reset assured that PolyMax PLA will produce beautiful,reliable and accurate printed parts every time

Physical Properties

Property Testing Method Typical Value
Density(g/m³ at 21.5°C) ASTM D792(ISO 1183,GB/T 1033) 1.17-1.24
Melt index(g/10min) 190°C,2.16kg 5-8


Mechanical Properties

Property Testing Method Typical Value
Tensile strength(MPa) ASTM D638(ISO 527,GB/T 1040) 28.1±1.3
Elongation At Break(%) ASTM D638(ISO 527,GB/T 1040) 1.36±0.30
Bending strength(Mpa) ASTM D790(ISO 178,GB/T 9341) 48.0±1.9
Impact strength(KJ/m² ASTM D256(ISO 179,GB/T 1043) 12.15±1.30


Testing Geometries




Melt Flow Index(g/10min)


Tensile Strength


Elongation At Break


Bendling Strength